Wednesday, July 26, 2006

All Real.

All Real is just a name i made up for pictures of atresses without make up on

Mandy Cho & Bernice Liu
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Ehh, i guess they look normal? both of them have beautiful smiles on and correct me if i am wrong but they dont have make up on right?


Joey Yung & Bernice Liu look really alike here ::

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For some reason boys think it is embarrassing to where pink whereas some think that it's fine, I'll take my brother younger 12 as an example he thinks wearing pink is gay but thats not true.


i went on yahoo & google and only found these of Ron Ng in pink
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Sammul Chan in pink well somewhat (Ron Ron Ron why are you so hot here?)

Kevin Cheng and Carlo Ng in pink but he's with the Yummy Yummy cast

lols, i think Ron looks really nice in the pink shirt with the rose[; Kevin Cheng also!

if anybody has pictures of Bosco in pink it would be nice of you to send it to me, my email listed below thanks

BTW ; if you could get me screen captures or Ron on his episode of 15/16 because he wore pink also, i thought he looked pretty hot thanks send them here ;

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Whenever I think back to 2005 i always think of Revolving Doors of Vengeance 酒店风云 whose cast inclused Joe Ma , Kenix Kwok , Ron Ng and newcomer Ella Koon. and whenever we think of Ron Ng in this series we think of his forced kiss in the car with Ella Koon but what i dont get it why does nobody seem to remember they shared two kisses, one in the car and one in the Phillipness's hotel?
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this was after Raymond Cho had proposed to Ella by singing Hacken Lee's song.

i wonder why nobody ever brings this kiss up only the one in the car? i personally forgotten about this kiss until i saw it over in the youtube video.

BTW ; the pictures are a little blurred because i took them with my digital camera from the youtube video on my computer so yea.

Monday, July 24, 2006


after reading more and more things on Myolie & her weight gain i decided that other than the fact that i love Myolie i wanted her to be the SpotLight Actress because i really admire her.

Name (English): Myolie Wu
Cantonese/Mandarin Name: Wu Hang Yee / Hu Xing Er
Nickname: My Lo My / Myo
Profession: Actress / singer
Date of birth: November 6, 1979
Height: 170 cm
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Height: 172cm (5'7 ft)
Family: Parents, grandmother, two older sisters, and a Japanese step-mother
Education: Methodist College Belfast in Northern Ireland, UK and Hong Kong University of Science & Technology(Biochemistry major)
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English and a little Japanese

Catch Phrase: "Hai lo!" (Yeah!)
Relationship Status: single
Hobbies: eating, cooking, singing, and playing XBOX
Clothing Style: casual
Favorite Sport: fishing
Favorite Part of Body: waist
Favorite type of food: hot and Spicy
Favorite Food: mostly anything except for internal organs
Favorite Fruit: pineapple, mango, and seedless grapes
Favorite Drink: fruit juice but no sugar!
Dislike Weather: hot weather
Favorite Color: bright colors
Favorite Animal: cat
Favorite Places: London, Rome, Japan and etc.
Favorite Movie: Kill Bill 1/2
Favorite Singers: Love Psychedelico, Jay Chou, Eason Chan, and Joey Yung
Idols: Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, and Andy Lau
Idol most wanted to work with: Andy Lau
Favorite character role: Ling Ling from Survivor's Law
Most memorable character role: Yan Yan from Golden Faith
Unforgettable experience: Winner of the first TVB Most Improved Actress Award in 2002
Goal: Become a successful actress & to win the Best Actress Award
At the age of 12, she went to study in the UK for 6 years before coming back to HK to major in Bio-Chem in the HK University of Science and Technology.

Series She's Been in So Far
War & Destiny (2006)
When Rules Turn Loose (2005)
Wars of In-Laws (2005)
The Gateau Affairs (2005)
Scavenger's Paradise (2005)
Lost in the Chamber of Love (2005)
Dream of Colours (2004)
Supreme Fate (2004)
Net Deception (2004)
Triumph in the Skies (2003)
Virtues of Harmony (2003)
Survivor's Law (2003)
Golden Faith (2002)
Family Man (2002)
Doomed To Oblivion (2002)
Eternal Happiness (2002)
At Point Blank (2001)
The Awakening Story (2001)
Legal Entanglement (2001)
A Colourful Life (2001)

Songs That She has OUt ;
All About Women CD (Various Artists) Fortunetly
1+1 (Radio Drama Theme Song)
Lost In The Chamber of Love Theme Song Duet With Ron Ng
Scavenger's Paradise Theme Song with Rojer Kwok ; Kenneth Ma ; Cherie Kong
War of the in Laws Theme Song with Liza Wang and Bosco Wong

Myolie entered the Miss Honk Kong in 1999 and won second-runner up of that year. That was her first step into the entertainment field. She joined TVB and started out as minor characters in a few of her first TV dramas, but her talent was recognized after starring in Golden Faith as the mentally challenged little sister of Gallen Lo. That had became her most breakthrough role and for that year, Myolie was the first young actress to receive the Most Improved Artist Award from TVB Anniversary. She has been promoted ever since leading in almost all of her series starring opposite many popular veterans and young stars. Myolie is now one of the most promising young actress at TVB gaining many new fans by her acting charm and charismatic screen presence.
In 2006, Myolie has taken another step in her career to sing the theme song for her upcoming series War & Destiny. She was praised by the producer Mark Lui and singer Justin Lo for her ability to control her voice. TVB is now in the process of planning to help her release a personal album for herself.
Back in 2001, when she was on the set of "Family Man", one of the directors predicted that she will never gain popularity. He told her, "No matter how I look at you, you will only be a fourth-tier actress! For people like you, if you can't come out on top from the start, you don't stand a chance to compete. It will be difficult for you to succeed!". However, as the years passed, Myolie has proven the director to be wrong and has risen to the top to become one of the "new generation" of TVB fa dans. At the "Next Magazine TV Artists Awards 2006", she was placed 7th respectively out of the 10 most popular TV artists voted by the audience. Her future goal is to get the "Best Actress Award".

Currently ; She is now filming 'Lush Feilds Happy Times' and being the very professional actress she is, Myolie gained weight until 150 pounds and hardly do we ever hear her complain! I hope that this series gets great ratings and she will loose her weight as soon as possible when filming is done! A lot of other actresses wouldnt give up so much to do a series but Myolie does and i admire her professionalism.

Pictures ;
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LiSA_K3 ; it hurts me so much inside to see Myolie suffering so much!

Ron Ng & Sammul Chan Filming For 'The Academy 2'

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Ron ; Rain Rain Where Are You?!?!?!?

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TVB's new series 'Cadets on the Beat' was filming yesterday on the streets of Yaumatei and Ron Ng and Sammul Chan donned their policemen's uniforms once again in a scene that tells of them soon after graduation from the Police Training School, meeting with a road rage incident, where Ron has to go and intervene. Ron indicated that the weather is too hot and he is sweating constantly, but he only has one uniform, so he has to avoid body odour by continuously changing his vest underneath. Asked about the recent news of scissors being thrown from apartments in Mongkok and Shamshuipo, injuring people below, Ron says that these incidents are quite scary, but Sammul jokes that they have the protection of their helmets and wearing a police officer uniform should deter people from attacking them.

In the show, Ron will become part of the 'blue caps' or Police Tactical Unit and he says that he was filming earlier near the Scouts Association in Jordan and some passers-by thought he was a real police officer who wanted to give them a ticket and only found out later that they were filming. Sammul indicates that there are many things that they are not allowed to do whilst wearing the police officer's uniform, for example, they are not allowed to drink or eat anything in the streets, because this will affect the image of the police. He says that earlier, he was filming in the deserts of China for an ancient series in 40 degree heat and the worst thing was wearing boots. He is used to the hot weather now, but the humidity in Hong Kong is quite hard to bear and he is glad to be wearing short sleeved clothes for this shot.

credit ;

LiSA_K3's thinkings ; i feel so bad for Sammul i mean like you cant eat or drink in a police uniform? cause it will ruin the 'image' i mean police are people and people need to eat and drink especially in hot weather! and TVB has got to be kidding me! one uniform? what the hell. Poor Ron & Sammul <3


Some of the Future Featured Posts will Include ::
Under-Rated But Skilled Actors & Actresses
Beautiful Crying
PJ Part ; in a series where you have an actor/actress wearing pajamas
Gentle Man ; men in a series that does whatever he can to make his 'women' the most happiest in the world
Love Scenes ; when the actors and actresses have .... you know what.
and more as they come ; please if you find any screen captures of any of these things send them to my e-mail! thanks ;]

oh and todays song for download!
A song by Bosco Wong & Jack Wu dont know the title but i think they did it for a TVB ad or something?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Grand Opening

You can call me Lisa. Now the reason i started this blog was you can say fun or just outta boredom but i seriously want to make it somewhere with this blog so i hope you can all help me out.
i will tell you all know before hand i am a Ron Ng ; Bosco Wong ; Nancy Wu ; Ella Koon ; Myolie Wu fan.

Now i dont mind if you critic them or say bad things about them because personally i think everybody isnt perfect and they all need improvement somewhere.

I will be sharing TVB's latest news, talking about TVB's latest series and when i finish watching a series i will write a report about it, i will write about actors and actresses in TVB, and i will have songs for download if you request them. Also if i could i would get downloads to episodes of some TVB series.

I am not a jocker nor am i a person that claims things as her own so if and when i take things off other people's websites i give credit! and i will thank them for it. So when taking things off my website, please give me credit. i Will be doing original writings.

so please support me ;]