Monday, July 24, 2006

Ron Ng & Sammul Chan Filming For 'The Academy 2'

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Ron ; Rain Rain Where Are You?!?!?!?

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TVB's new series 'Cadets on the Beat' was filming yesterday on the streets of Yaumatei and Ron Ng and Sammul Chan donned their policemen's uniforms once again in a scene that tells of them soon after graduation from the Police Training School, meeting with a road rage incident, where Ron has to go and intervene. Ron indicated that the weather is too hot and he is sweating constantly, but he only has one uniform, so he has to avoid body odour by continuously changing his vest underneath. Asked about the recent news of scissors being thrown from apartments in Mongkok and Shamshuipo, injuring people below, Ron says that these incidents are quite scary, but Sammul jokes that they have the protection of their helmets and wearing a police officer uniform should deter people from attacking them.

In the show, Ron will become part of the 'blue caps' or Police Tactical Unit and he says that he was filming earlier near the Scouts Association in Jordan and some passers-by thought he was a real police officer who wanted to give them a ticket and only found out later that they were filming. Sammul indicates that there are many things that they are not allowed to do whilst wearing the police officer's uniform, for example, they are not allowed to drink or eat anything in the streets, because this will affect the image of the police. He says that earlier, he was filming in the deserts of China for an ancient series in 40 degree heat and the worst thing was wearing boots. He is used to the hot weather now, but the humidity in Hong Kong is quite hard to bear and he is glad to be wearing short sleeved clothes for this shot.

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LiSA_K3's thinkings ; i feel so bad for Sammul i mean like you cant eat or drink in a police uniform? cause it will ruin the 'image' i mean police are people and people need to eat and drink especially in hot weather! and TVB has got to be kidding me! one uniform? what the hell. Poor Ron & Sammul <3


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At 12:17 PM, Blogger jrhighgurl94 said...

OMG Ron!!!! U look so fine in uniform. You know what they say, men always look better in uniform!!! lol. well i love you so much and keep up your acting skills!!1 u are my idol because i want to become a tvb star one day and everytime i look up on the calender there you are with the microphone on April!!! e-mail me at

At 12:21 PM, Blogger jrhighgurl94 said...

hey sammuel you were so good in the price of greed! you got me! i thought you were a good person, turned out you were eviler then anything else!!! But you got good acting skills!!! keep up the good work!!!!!


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